• Technology that gurantees Convenience

  • Ensuring your indoor comfort lasts longer

  • At your ‘HVAC’ Service!

  • Technology that gurantees Convenience

    Technology that gurantees Convenience

  • Ensuring your indoor comfort lasts longer

    Ensuring your indoor comfort lasts longer

  • At your ‘HVAC’ Service!

    At your ‘HVAC’ Service!


Welcome to Chaparral Heating & Air Conditioning Inc

What Do We Offer?

We offer efficient and long-lasting heating, ventilation and air conditioning services and solutions for large industries, office buildings and in marine environments where the stability of all the three factors is very important. Along with the commercial sector, our services and solutions are also available for residential architectures. HVAC solutions that we provide can add to your building’s energy efficiency by reducing your operating costs to a minimal level. Catch up with our customer support staff to register your query anytime you want.

A team powered by intellect and driven by passion

Our company renders perfect services and provides perfect solutions in terms of handling HVAC control products, equipments and systems. We have made this possible by hiring the best individuals to carry out the tasks. Our expert engineers and technicians ensure the efficiency enhancement of your home or commercial buildings. All our engineers and technicians apply the advanced thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer techniques to give you the best HVAC service.

What Do We Offer?

From HVAC Repairs to System Retrofits, we offer all the services and solutions for systems in any scenario. Our team equipped with experienced and Pragmatic engineers and mechanics are capable to work on the systems developed by any vendor across the globe. From simple maintenance to complex overhauling of the HVAC control products they can perform all the tasks flawlessly and up to the mark.

Working Scenarios

Our services are designed for the following working scenarios:

Residential HVAC – includes HVAC service for flats, villas and other residential apartments.

Commercial HVAC – includes commercial establishments like big/small industrial units, offices,restaurants, plazas etc.

Vehicle HVAC – includes every type of big/small vehicles both private and commercial.

“The sign of a true professional is giving more than you expect”

Equipment and Devices That We Handle

Our experts are trained to handle the following devices, equipments, systems and HVAC Services for all the given areas:

• Air Conditioning Systems

Regular maintenance service to ensure your air conditioning systems continue to serve the purpose.

• Furnaces

We ensure top of the line maintenance to guarantee fuel efficiency.

• Ventilators

We know how essential the ventilators are, and our expertise keep them running flawlessly.

• High Efficiency Heat Pumps

We have the expertise to make certain that those Heat Pumps stay high efficient.

• Heating and Cooling Systems

The great importance of Heating and Cooling systems is obvious, and we have just the right solutions to keep them up & running.

• Thermostats

Temperature maintenance is highly essential for comfort and energy efficiency. We are fully aware of how to ensure that without any hurdles.
We also efficiently handle:

• Zonings
• UV Air Purifiers
• Dehumidifiers
• Air Handlers
• Air Cleaners
• Evaporator Coils

By availing our HVAC service, you are on your way to making your daily operations energy efficient and less prone to damages.